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Servers: Skyracy SkyBlock Conquest
Game: Minecraft (modded)
Access: Whitelist (apply and you can play)
Type: PvP, Survival, Raiding
Slots: 45
A whole new skyblock experience loosely based on 'Agrarian Skies' by JadedCat, but with far less crashy content and some nice extras such as Magical Crops. On top of that, it is an all-out PvP server featuring flying ships courtesy of Archimedes Ships so get geared up and go to war!
How to join:
At this point, please add the Skype user gmw_skyerise using the following reason: 'whitelist skyracy: your-mc-name-here'. Please note that the custom modpack is still undergoing some development and bugs or dramatic changes might arise.
System is undergoing maintainance.
All user account activity is temporarily deactivated.