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We are still expanding these parts of the website on a regular basis so check back every now and then for more!
What GameMakerWorld is all about
Where do we come from?
We are mostly a bunch of Minecraft gamers, programmers, artists and random crazies who gathered together because we know each other or because a friend of a friend knew another friend's friend.
That's all the origin we need. No heroics were involved and definitely no bananas.
What are we doing?
Our general motto is 'dream, play, create' and that's what we do.
We play games together (currently mostly Minecraft), chat about random things in a happy-go-lucky and sometimes rude but good-hearted manner, prank each other and help each other out with projects related to games, programming or tinkering with electronics.
It's all about having fun as a group as well as in our own personal ways.
What are our goals?
World domination of course. Seriously, nobody should aim for less, but we won't be disappointed if it takes a while. Until then we will just create lots of really fun servers for Minecraft, 7 Days To Die and whatever else floats out boat as we have the beast hardware and know-how to make it work. And while we are at it, we can always squeeze in the odd game creation project to help with or make popular. Maybe the next one is yours?
Would I fit into the group?
We welcome almost everyone no matter how rude or politically incorrect as long as they do it in a nice way. If you don't understand what that means then bugger off!
Seriously now. You should at least be 13 years old and in command of your senses and manners. It is fine to cuss sometimes and we aren't too concerned about bad words but keep in mind that there are other people around. For example talking about the details of your sex life should be reserved to people of the right age who are also close friends and actually interested. Hitting on somebody should follow the same rules of common sense as well.
One other really important thing is that you should not be easily offended. If you get gay-bashed, race-offended or flamed just tell them where to shove it. People doing that will get their ass handed to them but not directly banned. We are a mixed bunch of weirdos and if you believe people should all have a pink skin color or rot in hell if they don't then discuss that with whoever disagrees for example while you defend each others back in a PvP game. You get my drift? I hope so.
This is a gamer group as the name no doubt tells you. So I assume you like games or you wouldn't be here. You could just create a new account and look around, but there are some additional infos in the 'Join Us' section that you should take a look at or you might miss a large part of the action.
Can I bring my friends to the [insert name] server?
Most servers are open to the public and only require you to register an account on the website with a short click on the 'request whitelist' button in that server's section afterwards. So yes - unless that server is explicitly labelled as being for active group members only, you can bring all your friends that aren't worthless griefers and cheaters.
So what exactly are you?
We are the closest thing to a clan as we don't try to become a fully-fledged portal with all the size and anonymity that would (sadly) bring. We try to get to and sustain a number of about 100 active members (we were there in the past and it goes up and down) with opportunities to play and create all kinds of things together. We are also from all timezones with the goal to always have somebody to play with at all times of day and night.
As a non-profit-oriented group, we do not take fees for anything and where we accept donations, those are used to pay for server costs and competition prizes as well as for code/art commissions needed in projects.
Where do I donate?
Right now there is no button or automated system for donating and maybe there never will be. We will offer bonuses for people willing to donate (like free rare candy on Pixelmon) but it will be mostly about talking to me (SkyeRise) and I will see to it that you get a proper thank you (in words as well as in bonuses) in the spot where you most appreciate it.
Who does all this belong to?
The main owner if you want to call it that is me, SkyeRise, even though I try to keep things as democratic as possible. Since at this point we don't make money off ads or by charging fees, the question of ownership isn't really all that important anyway. We did experiment with beoming a server host or service provider before and might again but that shouldn't affect the group too much.
System is undergoing maintainance.
All user account activity is temporarily deactivated.
Random Hints
Most of our communication happens in Skype.
If you get banned there will usually be an email with the reason.
Treat other group members at least as well as you want to be treated yourself.
If your Minecraft sais 'Bad Login' close your launcher and retry. Most connection errors are either your net or Mojang and not our servers.
If you have a game project you want to promote, consider talking to us so we might help you a bit. We might even host the server side of it.
We currently use 3 servers for GMW, the best of which is an 8 core Opteron at 2.7GHz, 24GB RAM, an SSD and 1GBit connection.