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As you might notice, we are still setting things up on the new website.
Please bear with us until everything is in place and working smoothly with blogs, youtube and everything.
Welcome to GameMakerWorld
Care for a quick game on one of our top Notch servers (yes, Minecraft and a lot more)? Or maybe you want to join our group of easygoing gamers and gamemakers? Check out the 'About GMW' section for more!
Where the action is at right now
We just started our own SkyBlock free4all PvP modded Minecraft server. Build and protect your dream and become a total boss with absolutely insane weapons of mass enjoyment!
Check out the server page here: Minecraft Skyracy PvP Server
Other servers you should check out
Like Pokemon? Want to catch them all and try your skills against the wilds and your friends in epic arenas you can build yourself? All the while mining, farming and crafting to become better and better where other servers pretty much lock the gameworld so you can't even get out of a hole you fell in? Join the awesome GMW Pixelmon Server right now and bring your friends!
You want to play a modpack that is both nice and stable and allows you to do awesome things without lagging away in agony? Join us in playing on our official GMW Minecraft Modpack Server.
System is undergoing maintainance.
All user account activity is temporarily deactivated.
Soon there will be a shoutbox here to leave a quick note to other people visiting.
It will require you to be logged in though.