Welcome to Horizon Pack

This is the offocial wiki for the Minecraft modpack "Horizon Pack" and its official server. If you are running an Horizon Pack server and would like to include information about particular features of that server in this wiki, feel free to add a page for it under the Server List? page, thank you.

Much of the available information is best accessed via our MinecraftForum thread, where we also keep up to date changelogs, the mod list with links back to the mod authors' pages and help on installing the pack, setting up servers with it and much more:

http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1809018-152-minecraft-horizon-pack-technic-multimc-now-with-railcraft/(external link)

Welcome to Our Community

This is a fully fledged community site where you can contribute and comment. You can make changes to wiki entries, add entries, discuss topics in forums or even release blog posts for your own Horizon-related activities or those of your server.

We are still doing a lot of building work, but we are looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

Visit the Official Server

Having followed the instructions on the MinecraftForum page linked to above, you now have the modpack installed and know the address of the server. Please make sure to use that thread for getting whitelisted for now. Soon that will also be possible on the forums here.

New recipes: